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Deep Ocean Water Applications - Sea Water Air Conditioning

DOWA is a sea water air conditioning system which will provide a sustainable and renewable alternative to the 100MW of cooling power required for Port-Louis, the Port and Ebene (Phase 2) regions and which are delivered through traditional air conditioning systems connected to the electrical grid of the Country. 


As such, the development of DOWA would provide breathing space for the electrical power demand in the Country. For this project, Ecosis Ltd has been appointed to carry out studies on the requirements of buildings in Port Louis.


Preliminary audits of the buildings were carried out in order to obtain Information on cooling power requirements, type of AC system and conditions of systems used. Data was equally collected to study the requirements to convert systems to be DOWA ready. From the data received, a business case was prepared to restitute the findings of the preliminary audit and the value proposition, in order to obtain their expression of interest. 


The next step are comprehensive audits of the buildings  (including energy audits) in order to prepare the final business case and proposal of a service agreement. Ecosis Ltd also collected data on buildings for phase 2 in Ebene and from Bain des Dames to Ebene to prepare pre-preliminary reports for these two phases.

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