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Ecological Building in the Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean Commission (IOC) has implemented the EU-COI-ENERGIES program, funded by the 10th
European Development Fund (EDF), which aims to increase access to modern, reliable and sustainable energy services at an acceptable cost for consumers in the IOC region, contributing to the development of a sustainable energy future,
reliable and sustainable energy services at an acceptable cost to consumers in the IOC region, thus contributing to the countries' sustainable development objectives.
development objectives of the countries. The specific objective of the program is to create the conditions for
development, investment and sustainable management of renewable energy and improved energy efficiency in the
efficiency in the IOC region. The beneficiaries of the program are Comoros, Madagascar,
Mauritius and Seychelles. 

The activities were designed to achieve the following national and regional outcomes: 

▪ Outcome 1: the adoption of an IOC regional sustainable energy strategy focusing on human resource development and institutional strengthening ;
▪ Outcome 2: the development and implementation of a campaign to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency as well as an awareness plan;
▪ Outcome 3: improved regulatory and business environment for renewable energy power generation connected to the grid
from grid-connected renewable energy;
▪ Outcome 4: improved capacity to design, develop, build, and operate infrastructure decentralized by public agencies and private investors;
▪ Outcome 5: the development of energy efficiency standards and labels for all building categories and for appliances and household equipment that have a major impact on electricity consumption electricity consumption and peak demand. 

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