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About Ecosis

Ecosis was founded in 2006 with a mission to co-create a sustainable and happy world by managing sustainable solutions and strategies smartly from inception to completion.

Ecosis’ core competencies reside in project consulting and management services, with a strong focus in smart sustainable solutions.

Ecosis provides consultancy services in strategic planning and management of sustainability programs making a positive impact on health, society and environment, enhancing operational and functional systems, ensuring economic, environmental performance which helps create a sustainable community.

Ecosis provides clients with teams of experienced consultants with technical expertise across environmental, economic and social disciplines to provide a fresh perspective.  It has a worthy network of contacts with policy makers, businesses and communities, but remain entirely independent.

We are passionate about creating positive change for a sustainable future and helping clients to tackle challenges and capitalise on opportunities associated with sustainable development.

We see ourselves as enablers of the catalytic force of organisations for the delivery of projects and solutions that are good for the economy, the environment and society.

Ecosis Ltd, being at the forefront of sustainability consultancy, has developed partnerships and associations internationally in many fields. 

Through these partnerships and its commitment to research and development, the Ecosis team has knowledge and expertise in sustainable solutions to urban development, water management, energy management, resource management, safer indoor environment, renewables, wastewater and solid waste management, multi-stakeholder engagement, partnership brokering and social impact strategies.


In 2006, the focus was on green buildings and sustainable urban planning and development. Over the years the consultancy diversified from built environment speciality to include other Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Seeing the needs and challenges for the required change, in line with its mission, Ecosis decided to engage its resources and its expertise to several causes.  


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