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Electric Vehicles (EV) national 10yr roadmap


The transport sector is amongst the main energy-consuming sectors in Mauritius contributing to about 77.8% of the final energy consumed in 2017, adding up to 26% of the total GHG emissions in Mauritius in 2016.

Mauritius is therefore driven to transition towards alternative greener means of transportation, contributing to the commitments made by the government of Mauritius at the COP21 Summit in Paris in 2015. To that effect, the government of Mauritius decided to support electric vehicles in 2016 by abolishing excise duties. In addition, duty on hybrid motor cars has been brought down to 30 percentage points for all cylinder capacity.

However, to stimulate the transition towards electric mobility the Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities (MEPU) has commissioned a study for a 10 year strategy with a roadmap which prepares the market conditions for a sustainable integration of electric cars. With the overall objective being making a contextual assessment of the existing policy framework and infrastructure for electric cars in Mauritius, identifying barriers relating to financial, technological and legal aspects and to develop a roadmap for the progressive deployment of electric cars in Mauritius.

The study is underpinned by design thinking through a thorough stakeholders engagement process.

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