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Building Control Act


In 2009 Ministry of Renewable Energy & Public Utilities defined a Long-Term Energy Strategy 2009-2025 and Action Plan for The Republic of Mauritius. It puts great emphasis on developing the energy sector up to 2025 including development of renewable energy, reduction of the independence on imported fossil fuel and the promotion of energy efficiency.


This Energy Efficiency Building Code has been developed as one initiative to meet the goal regarding energy efficiency in the building sector under the project: 00058178/Removal of Barriers to Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation in Buildings – PS/MAR 2010/002, funded by GEF/UNDP and AFD


Ecosis co-drafted for the Government of Mauritius, the Building Control Act 2012. Danish Energy Management was lead on this document.


The previous act dated back to the beginning of the last century. Sustainability was a key addition to the umbrella under which new regulations and codes can be created.

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