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Cap Tamarin


Cap Tamarin is a neighbouhood development on 75 hectares of land located in the west of Mauritius, in the district of Black River. Located at the entrance of Tamarin village, the development will be a human-scale settlement consciously designed to secure long-term sustainability.

The site has many interesting features and is known for some of the most beautiful beach locations in the island notably at Le Morne, Tamarin, Wolmar and Flic en Flac. Black River also harbors a university campus and famous 18-hole international golf course. 

The Cap Tamarin aims to sustainably meet the growing challenges existing in an urban area which provides a good quality of life. The mixed-use development is an innovative and ambitious urban project with the objectives to break with the traditional fragmentation and creating an inclusive development integrated in its environment with a balanced social mix.


Ecosis has completed various strategies for the development - social impact, energy, water and waste management.


Through stakeholders engagement and surveys, Ecosis has completed a social impact assessment and social impact strategies. 


The region is known for its water scarcity. A water strategy has been devised with a strong focus on the effects of climate change.


Innovation underpins the energy strategy and the waste management strategy.


Finally as part of the Smart City Scheme application, ICT has also been considered in the development of the strategies and consideration of market adoption and penetration were looked at. 

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