Ecosis Season's Greetings 

24 December 2020

Wow! What a year!

While we look back at this special and disruptive year,we acknowledge the many parts that were hard, but wish to celebratewith you the positive bits, our accomplished work.


For us, at Ecosis, we embraced the challenges and went on a self-transformation journey.

As many of you, we have worked harder this year than any other year.During the few months of lockdown, we were juggling between home schooling, baking our own bread, and mainly re-inventing ourselves to adapt. As some of my colleagues admitted, we have never worked so hard.

At least it was not for nothing, and we are grateful that we were able to complete so many things this year.

First and foremost, we need to celebrate the effort we have all put in.

The highlight of this year has been our focus on technology, especially on technology for good. We worked on three start-ups this year. The first one is a telemedicine application eDoc, intending to provide affordable healthcare when you need it. People with chronic diseases were our target, as good management is critical. The second one is a free application, a freelancer marketplace where people can share and sell their skills.We thought that could be useful.

Then there is the promising anAngel application. It is an idea that we had for years. It took us some time, but we managed to get it out. We were thinking of doing a soft launch with our minimum viable product. But coincidentally, the timing was as wrong as the incident itself, the Wakashio oil spill. We found ourselves to ramp up our game to respond to this ecological disaster. It gave us the opportunity to stress test the app, and to carry out our design thinking exercise faster. It was so gratifying to see how the anAngel tool does what it intends to do; to use the power of the citizen to support social and environmental initiatives. Our aim to simplify and amplifying positive impact. The start of our journey saw us bagging two international awards.

In the whirlwind, we were selected to mentor selected startups by Google for their SDG accelerator programme.

We were happy to witness some progress on some of our work. For U4SSC, two documents were published, “City Science Application Framework for Smart Cities”, and “Blockchain for Smart Sustainable Cities”. A month ago, we saw the Government finally approving the EV 10 yr roadmap for Mauritius.

We have continued to contribute on important documents. Locally, we worked extensively on the Mauritius National Environmental Policy, specifically on the “Urbanisme et PolitiqueEnvironnementale” issue. Internationally, we reviewed the North Star goals of the World GBC, and their Health and Wellbeing framework, and for Global ABC, the Global ABC regional roadmap for buildings and construction in Africa 2050.

Of course, with the pandemic, we moved to virtual conferences and webinars. We presented at various conferences hosted in Athens, Accra, Tel Aviv, Reunion Island, Mauritius and… the cloud, on topics varying from circular economy, innovation, SDGs, green buildings, partnerships, health and wellbeing in the built environment, energy efficiency to innovative finance.

And yes, lest not forget the on-going projects! But we shall keep this for next end-of-year newsletter.

The team joins me in wishing you and your loved ones a safe and joyous Christmas and a super 2021 full of light, happiness, success and good health.



Best wishes,

Tony Lee Luen Len