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Development of Socio Economic Indicators for Green Building Rating Tools


Ecosis  worked  on  the  development  of  a  framework  and  new  category  for  rating  tools  as  part  of  an International Advisory Panel (IAP) set up for this pioneering project. 


The aim of this joint Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) and World Green  Building Council  (WorldGBC) project was to develop a set of social and economic sustainability factors and benchmarks for inclusion in rating systems, which can be implemented primarily through the design and construction of green buildings in developing countries. It addressed societal challenges such as poverty, unemployment, inequality, lack of education and skills and poor health.



Ecosis' senior partner, Tony Lee Luen Len, in his capacity of founding chair of the Green Building Council of Mauritius and member of the Policy Task Force (PTF) of the World GBC, participated in the International Advisory Panel. 


Tony Lee Luen Len is still advocating for promoting social impacts using buildings. 


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